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Welcome to the STREAMETRIC training platform.

Manage thresholds and notifications 

Set up Thresholds and Notifications 

You can set up thresholds and notifications for all parameters available in the data tab of STREAMETRIC. You can add multiple thresholds for 1 parameter.

Notifications will be received by all users with access to the system who have not disabled them in their user settings (see: change personal notification preferences).

Note: you can contact your STREAMETRIC admin to customize tolerance and cooldown settings for your notifications. 

Edit or Delete Thresholds 

Note: Changes made to notifications effect all users with access to the system.

Change personal notification preferences 

You'll not receive any notifications if you disable them in the user settings.

visualize and analyze data  

Select Charts 

To begin with data monitoring, go to the data tab on the portal.  You can simply select 1 or multiple parameters in the dropdown list.


Tip: You can seach for parameters by typing text in the dropdown field. 

You can set the time period for each chart to the last day/week/month or a custom time period. 

Note: to learn all possibilities for adjusting chart axes, see the chapter "Interact with Charts".

Compare Data  

When synchronizing data charts is active, the changes you make to the axes of 1 chart are applied to all other open charts. This allows you to simply compare data from the whole plant and to detect correlations or dependencies between multiple time series.

Note: due to performance reasons the number of charts you can synchronize is limited.

Interact with Charts 

Zoom by dragging on the chart area (double click to zoom out)

Move axis by dragging in the axis center (works vertical and horizontal)

Change the scale of 1 axis by dragging at the axis side (works vertical and horizontal)

​Change the scale of both axis by dragging where the axis cross


Customize your dashboards

You can create your own dashboards fully customized. 

By sharing your dashboard it will be made available to everyone in your user group. 

Note: only admin users can share dashboards 

Logs (Records)

Customize table and enter data

You can customize the "records" table to contain fields for all data you need to log. For example: lab test results, on-site measurements, manual sensor readings etc.

Import data from Excel

Simply copy-paste existing data from Excel spreadsheets to STREAMETRIC.

Note: please make sure you create enough rows before you paste the data.

Important: Excel adds an empty row under the data you copy. To avoid this overwrites anything, always add an additional row.

Quick charts (records)

Note: Quick charts can not show empty fields. Filter out empty fields before generating a chart.

User Management

Invite and manage users (only available for admin users)

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