Improve System Reliability

Minimize the risk of failures and downtime during membrane operations.  STREAMETRIC's 24/7 real-time alarms and forecasts provide protection for your processes.

Membrane performance is critical to the effectiveness of the overall system. Failures can result in violations of wastewater permits or significant losses of production. 


Research has shown that several hours or more of unplanned downtime in MBR applications can result in a substantial financial loss. Likewise, RO issues at any industrial facility can stop production and create loss.   

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Reduce Operating Costs

Improve system performance and identify cost-saving opportunities with our advanced data analytics. Create custom dashboards to easily monitor your most important data anytime, anywhere on any device with internet access.


Get rid of the need for manual calculations, whereby data is collected through emails and other time-consuming means.   

A typical MBR wastewater treatment plant generates significant OPEX. Even a 10% improvement can exponentially reduce overall costs. With STREAMETRIC you can...

  • Extend membrane lifetime  

  • Eliminate manual reporting methods   

  • Detect costly issues in advance 

  • Reduce chemical costs and unscheduled cleanings  

Facilitate Monitoring and Reporting

Eliminate downtime spent on manual data collection and analysis with STREAMETRIC’s automated data management software. 


You always have a secure connection to all your relevant information independent of your location or the device you are using.

A STREAMETRIC customer who builds and operates WWTPs was able to reduce the time spent on creating plant reports by over 80%. Reports can be customized by STREAMETRIC to serve individual needs. 

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Create customizable and interactive STREAMETRIC dashboards to give you a real-time overview of your assets so you can easily view important charts, key performance values, and impact metrics of your choice. You can click on any metrics or graphs in the dashboard to zoom in and get more details.


Gain real-time 24/7 access to automatically analyzed data from your membrane systems. Our zoom feature allows you to view all your data from years down to minutes so you can fully understand your system performance at any point in time.


Maintain control of your membranes with predictive alarms that inform you if membrane performance is expected to exceed specified limits. Utilize alerts to track events like membrane cleanings.


You can export any measurement data, logs, and chemical cleanings with a few clicks. Simply click our "export" button, decide if you want to download logs or measurement data, select a time range, and then choose the data you would like to download. You get the data export immediately in a CSV file.


You can access STREAMETRIC anytime, anywhere on any device with internet access.


The interactive STREAMETRIC dashboard can present important information at a glance. This overview allows you to assess the condition of each asset quickly, based on live values, key performance indicators, and analytics.


Keep permanent digital logs and records of your plant to show compliance with regulations and inspections. Create better transparency and easier access to historical records. Store your data and reports in our cloud library that you can share and download anytime. You can also upload any of your files to this library and decide who has access to them.


Take advantage of predictive maintenance recommendations which optimize your cleaning cycles based on membrane conditions to maximize their lifetime value and minimize costs and chemical usage.


Utilize user-friendly graphs and data visualization to observe the past, present, and future performance of your membrane system.



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