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How It Works

STREAMETRIC's ability to remotely onboard your system allows new devices to be added in compliance with any government COVID protocols and restrictions.

Getting Started is Simple

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Step 1: Installation

Easy onsite (or remote) installation includes the following:

  1. Connect power

  2. Connect LAN

  3. Get online to the internet (ethernet/cable, Wi-Fi, or cellular connection)

Step 2: Configuration

The STREAMETRIC IoT platform works with a large variety of equipment types, manufacturers, and sizes. The STREAMETRIC cloud receives live data from existing sensors, captured directly from the plant’s programmable logic controller (PLC). The data collection does not interfere with the PLC operation and logic or existing monitoring solutions like SCADA. All cloud communication is encrypted and secure.

The STREAMETRIC IoT platform also allows users to upload various records, maintenance logs and lab test results, and can combine them with live data if needed. AI (Artificial Intelligence) models can be customized to each individual system and membrane type (MF, UF, NF, RO) as well as membrane bioreactor systems (MBR)


Step 3: Login

Login to your STREAMETRIC portal, and immediately begin discovering, predicting and improving your entire system.

Already a user? Login here.

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