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Remote monitoring, data management, and predictive maintenance software that helps you maximize the performance of your assets without compromise 

Improve System Reliability

Membrane performance is critical to the effectiveness of the overall system. Avoid system failures, reduce violations and eliminate hours of unplanned downtime. 

Reduce Operating Costs

Improve system performance and identify cost-saving opportunities with our advanced data analytics.  Reduce time-consuming manual calculations and see all data in one place.

Facilitate Monitoring and Reporting

You always have a secure connection to all your relevant information independent of your location or the device you are using.

Our Features

Customizable Dashboard

Each team member can enjoy personalized dashboards, with multiple views. Access dashboards from anywhere on any device, saving hundreds of hours pulling together reports. 

  • Combine data from multiple plants 

  • See reports across time and locations 

  • Share personalized dashboard with team

  • Quick view of KPIs, trends and asset status

  • View flow summaries 

Customizable Dashboard.png
Data Trending 1.png

Data Trending

With data trending, you can combine many types of data, synchronize it and switch views seamlessly from seconds to days, weeks and even years. You can now view the correlation between multiple features (such as permeability and TMP) to improve the health and life cycle of your assets. 

  • Monitor process details and long-term trends

  • Compare historical and forecasting data 

  • Synchronize data points (offline and online)


Our machine learning models are fully customized for your system, allowing you to build proactive cleaning schedules, predict peak flow impact (based on weather forecasts), get predictive warnings, and improve asset health and maintenance. 

  • Predictions up to 7 days with 90% accuracy

  • Customized for individual plant conditions 

  • On-going machine learning 

  • Create limits and receive predictive warnings 

Digital Logbook.png

Digital Logbook

Our digital logbook allows teams to capture all data (both offline and online) in one place. This enables managers to see all historical data, including events, labs, testing, and other records, and saves hundreds of hours of manual writing and adding data to Excel. 

  • View all data holistically

  • Eliminate time using clipboards and Excel 

  • Capture online and offline data 



Our system automatically tracks membrane cleanings to evaluate success. You can also manually enter and edit events, allowing for an optimized cleaning schedule. 



Plant operators can enter all of their lab data just like a spreadsheet, adding limits, conveniently from a phone, tablet or desktop.



This section automatically adds detected events (such as cleanings and alarms), and allows plants to manually enter additional activities (such as inspections, services and maintenance), to view a full history of events. 

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