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STREAMETRIC enables you to Discover, Predict, and Improve 

your processes for the increased efficiency and reliability of your systems through proactive, data-driven decision making. 


SaaS Beyond SCADA

STREAMETRIC helps water industry professionals utilize data for better performance with predictive analytics for everything that streams.


trends in data across a single system or multiple locations.


membrane, pump, and filter life for better maintenance scheduling.


operational efficiency

with actionable insights.


Monitor all the sites in your water or wastewater network in one simple platform. Always keep track of pump health, alarms, and performance.

Remote Sites

Water and Wastewater Plants

A central place to collect data from all types of assets in your plants. Benefits from immediate time savings and the ability to create your own dashboards and analysis.

OEMs, Integrators, and Service Providers

Optimize your service offerings through the ability to prevent issues, faster responses and troubleshooting time and a proactive warranty support approach.


Try it Yourself Today!

See STREAMETRIC in action with a FREE trial demo. Explore reporting, forecasting logs, documents and events tools in our easy to use solution.

It only takes 90 seconds to sign up and learn how to use the software! 

Customer Success: M|MBR

M|MBR is a leading system integrator and service provider for MBR systems in North America. The company started using STREAMETRIC in 2019. STREAMETRIC platform enables their team to pro-actively support their clients. Successes included: 

  • 80% Reduction in Engineering Hrs

  • Shorter Troubleshooting Response Time

  • Increased Client Support Capacity 

  • Value-Added Plant Reports 

“STREAMETRIC is one of the best data monitoring platforms available for supporting MBR systems.” 

Dennis Livingston, Technical Director, P.E.

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Maximillian Werner


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“The simplicity of combining data from different parameters, monitoring different historical time frames, and tracking membrane cleanings has changed the way we look at data.” 

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